Tech We Use

We love technology. Here are some of the tech and gear we use and LOVE in our business.

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Our recommended good-value webcam by Logitech. This is the best webcam to use for all your personal and professional needs.

The latest and fastest portable SSD external drive. The speed and stability of this drive is most-excellent and we recommend getting the 4TB to archive all your storage needs.

The Lexar Gold provides incredible speed and stability. We recommended getting these two 256 cards to record all your media at an excellent price.

LG provides some of the best monitors at the most affordable price. This 29 inch monitor is used by our staff and is a great productivity machine!

SDXC card by SanDisk. This is our recommended 512gb SDXC card that can be used for 4k recordings. The speed is great but not as fast as the Lexar Gold cards above.

Our recommended wireless mouse by Logitech. This is an ergonomic mouse of choice that is used by various staff members in our team. Battery life and bluetooth are excellent.

The latest PCIe Gen x4 NVME by Samsung. Insert this into your PC or use it with an external enclosure to get lightning fast speeds.

An excellent NVME enclosure with thunderbolt speed. We recommend using this with Samsung 990 Pro series or WD black NVME. You will see incredible speeds of 40gbps to transfer all your content.

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